Everyday we face a lot of difficult people around us. Dealing with them wisely can save time, situation and relationships. Here are few smarter moves to make while dealing with difficult people in life and especially at work:

1. Look at your own behavior | You may be unknowingly attracting the wrong people with your own actions.

2. Don’t try to win | Try to communicate clearly. Bullies will probably not admit their errors in front of you, but they may change their behavior.

3. Don’t judge the person | Separate the issue from the person.

4. Confrontation is sometimes necessary | Feel a sense of connection, stay calm, be clear, be courageous, avoid forcing, be patient

5. Be clear about your own experiences | Use short, clear sentences and simple, unambiguous words.

6. Stay connected | You will be more powerful, have a bigger effect, and be better able to maintain your own positive energy

7. Be prepared to get a bad response | Plan ahead to make a different response.

8. Talk mainly about yourself, your experiences, and your preferences |Avoid talking about the other person’s behavior.

9. Don’t get caught in being too “nice.” | be clear, direct, and aware of yourself and the responses you are getting.

10. Talk to your peers about it | may be you’re not alone, creating allies make future confrontation easier, don’t resort to petty gossip

Enjoy a healthy work environment and great company of fellows. Do share your workplace experiences with me please. Follow me on Twitter for quick updates


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