People often say that coaching and leadership development is a soft skill. I agree that it may be a soft skill but tend to change the word a little bit and I say, “It is the soft skill with a direct hard impact”. These impacts are often number-one cost to any company and reason is clearly the Managers. It’s because they are directly unhappy with something that their direct supervisor has done or not done. Every time when an employee leaves, it costs the company 2 to 3 times their salary to replace them.

Number one thing that employees especially look for now, development and growth. They are actually quite happy not to make a lot of money but they want to grow, to develop, want better opportunities and actually they want international opportunities. So, to summarize, employees want development. If they don’t because their managers do not give it to them, they will leave. If they leave, they cost the company 2 to 3 times a salary to replace them. So yes, coaching is a soft skill and has a direct impact on the bottom line.

The people commonly do downsizing or merge job responsibilities or keep 5 employees doing the job of 10 people but still remain unable to get required performance. In my opinion, there are 3 key things that create success:

  • Aptitude – which is the skills and competency to do the job.
  • Available Resources – is physical infrastructure & tools to do the job.
  • Attitude – which actually means to focus and motivation to do the job.

90 % of people in today’s economy have the aptitude, have available resources but it’s the attitude that they get stuck. For some reason – personal or professional with manager or colleague – they are not focused, they are not motivated to drive themselves towards work. Companies cannot afford that so must work with them to improve their attitude. The only way you can improve someone’s attitude is through coaching not by threatening them. Here coaching or motivation doesn’t mean to say, “Hey come on! You can do this job, you are the only person who will be able to do it in great way”. But it real means, to identify the weakness and address that areas with proper coaching and training in order to uplift their confidence and moral….

And when they receive training, coaching, development and sense of growth, they become high performers. When they become high performers, are an asset to the company and now AAA are acheived i.e. Aptitude, Available resources and Attitude. This saves times to replace, train new staff and cost to bear error by new people. When employees become superstars; companies surely retain them and don’t lose them.


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