We have seen lot of young and elderly people either thinking to gain a professional qualification or already have taken decision and pursuing towards it. Getting a professional qualification is Need or Trend?Let’s first understand what it is?

Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual recognizing that he/she has demonstrated a standard level of skills, experience, and expertise relevant to the field. It combines the structure of every organization and also it ensures intelligent strategic action at every level, and gives individuals the tools and awareness to develop that strategy.

Certifications are usually earned from a professional certifying body, and are awarded on the basis of combination of experience and knowledge, rather than only by passing an exam. The course of developing, directing, and maintaining the certification is done to international standards. Many professional certifications are used as “post-nominal letters”, meaning that they are included after someone’s name (e.g. Muhammad Saad, ACCA).

As professional certification educates candidates with practical scenarios and real time examples, so makes them more valuable to employers and they can expect to:

  • Have a competitive advantage over other applicants without professional certificate
  • Enjoy better employment and progression opportunities
  • Get compensation for continuing their professional education and development
  • Earn higher salary

Further to above, a professional qualification may benefit to…


  • Develop personality and gain higher self-confidence
  • Build a successful career based on established expertise
  • Increase your ability to impact your organization


  • Shape the business while delivering desired business results
  • Ensure emphasis on good strategy and business goals
  • Industry expertise with transferrable management skills

Senior Managers

  • Develop real leaders to drive future strategy
  • Establish and preserve standards of excellence
  • Build company culture, bring team members together to learn and cooperate
  • Equip their organization for lucrative growth

HR Managers

  • Make a quantifiable variance to organizational performance
  • Deliver corporate strategy by tailoring learning to business needs
  • Train individuals to fulfill roles within the business
  • Develop long-term policies for attaining change

Many good-in-demand professional certifications could be choice of you related to Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT, Engineering, Medical etc. Defining which certification is right for you depends upon your career targets. Earning one of the accounting/finance related professional certifications is not an easy task; however, receiving and maintaining your certification can escalate your chances for advancement and promotion. It enhances your reputation among fellows and within the profession, and result in salaries that are higher than your non-certified peers.


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