CMA’s Continue to Earn a Premium over Non-CMA’s.


2014 saw higher salaries and total compensation for IMA members around the world, and CMAs continue to earn a premium over non-CMAs.

Around the world, salaries of those holding the CMA are higher than those of non-CMAs by at least 23% (see below table ). CMAs globally earn a median salary 59% higher than non-CMAs and 63% higher total compensation. This is strong evidence indicating that employers in every region value the skills possessed by CMAs and are willing to compensate staff who have them.


The higher salaries and compensation for CMAs hold true when comparing by age as well. While younger CMAs are seeing immediate financial benefit from their CMA designation, those in their 30s are receiving an even greater premium for securing the designation. These results, along with the compensation premium and the attendant benefits received by those in all other age cohorts, indicate the value of the CMA program as a way of enhancing, validating, and promoting professional skills throughout a person’s career while also increasing salary.

The differences in pay between respondents with the CMA and those without it aren’t the only indicators of value. Recent IMA research has shown that having a diverse set of work experience can have a positive impact on career opportunities. So we asked CMAs in the survey whether the certification enhances their ability to move across areas of the business. Significantly, 83% of CMAs across all regions said yes.

In part due to this greater ability to move across areas in a business and global recognition of this professional designation, 80% of CMAs globally agree that the certification creates career opportunities. Agreement was highest in the Middle East/Africa (87%) and the Americas (82%).

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Source: sfmagazine


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