Why to Study Supply Chain Management?

Operations and Supply Chain Management deals with understanding and integrating business processes within and between organisations. If you are interested in this subject you can study it at both degree and professional certification level.

What you will learn

Studying Operations and Supply Chain Management will enable you to solve complex business problems related to the journey of products and services from the manufacturer or provider to the end customer.

You will gain an understanding of the techniques required for managing and improving the integration of design, resources, processes and customer requirements.

Areas of study

This subject includes topics in operations management, business process design, supply chain management, business logistics, production planning and scheduling, and quality management.

When you study, you will look at the design, management and improvement of processes, systems and networks for use within and between organisations. Areas of research include manufacturing and service systems modelling, quality management, supply chain modeling and coordination, systems thinking and health care delivery.

Career opportunities

Depending on whether you complete a degree or professional certification you could work as an operations analyst/consultant/manager, business process engineer, production and scheduling planner/manager, quality manager, ERP consultant, supply chain consultant or change manager.

Need Advice?

Concern about career change? OR looking for a Course that helps you to reach career height? Email at help@masohail.com

source: business.auckland.ac.nz


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