Information Pollution


A blow of excessive, valueless details and multiple sources of furnishing same kind of information are making it harder for people to extract useful information. The more you say, the more people tune out your message. Saying less often communicates more. Our lives are littered with off the point details that suffocate most important information.

Each little piece of useless chatter is relatively innocent, and only robs our few seconds. The collective effect, however, is much worse: we assume that most communication is equally useless and tune it out , thus missing important information that’s sometimes embedded in the mess.

Information pollution is a global curse that afflicts everyone. You will see many people are sharing similar information on social media without verifying it. Unfortunately, low cost social media channels and have made everyone a “so-called” author, journalist, commentator, thinkers and they are polluting every moment. I am afraid to trust even getting a flow of information from reliable sources now.

Most instruction manuals are littered with “important” warnings that caution against obvious stupidities, burying actual dangers amid a mass of irrelevancy . An out-of-control legal system has made a joke of the entire warnings concept; products are now less safe because nobody bothers to read warnings anymore.

In information foraging terms, information pollution is like packing the forest with cardboard rabbits: frustrated wolves are bound to hunt elsewhere.

The Internet is the worst polluter of all. Everyone can have thousands of resources stating information which may or may not correct. Spam isn’t even pollution, it’s attention theft.  But even lawful email is usually copied to more people than necessary and contaminated by endless reply loops.

Studies find that removing half of a website’s words will double the amount of information that users actually get.

Let’s clean up our information environment. If someone is talking something that benefits, or simply send out word count? Are you 100% sure what you are claiming? If users don’t need it, don’t write or say it. Stop polluting now.



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