CFA – A Top in Demand Finance & Investment Qualification


The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program provides a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills that will give you a career advantage.

Completing the CFA Program shows employers and clients you have mastered a broad range of practical portfolio.

Do you know in year 2015…

  • CFA Program exam administrations increased 7%, to 224,000 candidates, versus fiscal year 2014.
  • The June 2015 exam represented the largest exam administration in the 50-year history of the CFA Program.
  • Fiscal year 2015 new Level-I exam administrations increased 10% versus fiscal year 2014.
  • CFA Institute membership grew 6% in fiscal year 2015, to 135,400 members, up from 127,800 members in fiscal year 2014.


So are you considering CFA your next career goal to achieve? Surely earning the CFA charter demonstrates you have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for investment analysis and management in today’s dynamic global markets.

If you have any queries regarding CFA program, course structure, its benefits and how to study for CFA, feel free to comment below or send your query to





source: cfainstitute


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