Job Slowdown – Rises Demand for Study

  • 25% professionals in Middle East plan to take a certification or post-graduate course in the next 2 years.

  • Hybrid online-classroom courses are in demand, due to time flexibility and lower cost.

The findings are based on a comprehensive survey of 8,000 professionals based in nine countries across the Middle East.

According to the survey findings, 16% of professionals planning advanced studies are motivated by a desire to improve their chances of a promotion with their current employer, while 17% believe it will help them get a better job with another employer in the same field.  10% see further study as a bridge to a completely different field of work.


While these motivations have always existed, the slowdown in the Middle East job market following the collapse in the oil price appears to have accelerated the trend. There is a notable increase in admissions for postgraduate courses and professional certifications from professionals in the hard-hit oil and gas sector, as many seek to re-train in order to switch to other industries.

source: gulftalent


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